Aurora Fire

The company that owns us, Aurora Fire, has their own website:
Please visit that site to see all the other amazing stores they have! 

659 Crafts

659 Crafts is a business owned by the company Aurora Fire. All proceeds go to Aurora Fire, and we are here to bring you some great crafts!

PayPal is not working. See FAQ for how to buy. Do not even attempt to use PayPal. It may mess things up very badly, or you may loose that money!

Please note that Duck tape crafts are being discontinued to provide Raumschach boards, 3D chess game, more info on its own tab. You may still ask for thes Duck tape items, as there are still a few in stock. 

What We Have in Stock

Duct Tape Wallet: 

Duct Tape Wlt. Info Pouch:

Duct Tape Handbag: 1

Dct. Tpe. Handbag Braided: 1

Raumschach Board: COMING SOON

More products coming soon!